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Project Description

Ergo Group were engaged by BVN to assist with the development and construction of a new concept in workplace design. The new studio is now equipped with a dedicated digital fabrication workshop area, (accommodating 3D printers, a desktop 3D carving machine and a physical model making space), as well as a virtual reality space and video conferencing. To enable teams to rely on high-speed data, a system was invented where power and data are delivered across the floor plate via a retractable cable called a Data Boom, which is fixed to the ceiling soffit.

This solution is the first of its kind and has a patent pending as a new ceiling system. BVN were awarded the Workplace Design Award at the 2019 Australian Interior Design Awards for its agile and future-focused design.

Ergo Group were awarded the 2019 BICSI Asia Pacific Communications Infrastructure Installation award for the project.

Project Details