Hornsby Hospital Carpark

Health and Aged Care

Hornsby Hospital Carpark 2021-04-22T11:01:10+10:00

Project Description

The project consisted of decanting and demolition of existing Buildings 10 (Physiotherapy) and Building 1 (Cardiology), service diversions and enabling works for commencement of the new multi-storey carpark.

The carpark works involved a new 6 level (13 split level) reinforced concrete multi-storey staff and public carpark to accommodate 512 cars. In conjunction with the carpark works, room conservation and additional amenities were constructed within the existing STAR building.

Ergo Group worked with RCC to complete the Stage 2 Early Works which consisted of:

  • Refurbishment of Building 54.
  • Installation of a communication cabling ring main and medical gas ring main.
  • Demolition of Buildings 15, 21, 34 & 47.
  • Demolition of cottages 95 & 97.
  • Construction of a modular Building 57 and refurbishment of Building 1.

Project Details


Health and Aged Care